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We help overwhelmed people get organized and back in control of their lives.

Our gentle, empathetic approach helps individuals conquer clutter with compassion.

Come home to a house you love!

We are a hands-on organizing service that helps you transform your home or office into a more usable, comfortable, and inviting environment. All solutions are customized to your individual preferences.

Build a system

Build a system to stay on top of your mail and organize your home or office paperwork —in just 4 hours.

Organize any room

Organize any room, even if you can’t walk through it! Most can be handled in one to three sessions; quick turn around!

Keep your stuff!

Trouble throwing things out? Want to keep your stuff? We’ve got an innovative method especially for you.

No prep needed

No need to prepare; just call to schedule and we’ll get started. If a loved one needs help, we offer gift certificates.

Available weekends

Can’t take time on a weekday? No problem. We’re available on weekends too!

Top secret!

Completely confidential and non-judgmental. We’re here to help!

Think of us…

Before a party

Before a move


Before an inspection

To comply with code enforcement


Tax time


Blending a household

Instead of renting a storage unit

You want to love your home again

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a stranger help me organize? I'm the only one who knows what this stuff is!
You are definitely the expert when it comes to your stuff! This is especially true if you have unique interests or a specialized line of work.

Because we understand this concern, we like to work side-by-side with you. Although 28 years of organizing has given us the range of experience to resolve even the most complicated, chaotic situations, we still would like to work with you present, because you “know your stuff”! Without your input, we would never know how much an item means to you, if an item needs to be “handled” rather than stored, or if it needs to be returned to someone else, etc.

When we work side-by-side with you, you can quickly inform us of the special qualities any item has for you. With this information, we can help you recognize patterns and guide you to an organized solution.

As soon as you advise us what the item is and what it means to you, we place it near its “like” items. This leverages your precious time and effort so you can go through the most things possible with the least amount of effort (It should also help if you have any disabilities that don’t allow you to lift things or to stand very long.) Toward the end of our session, we work with you to get “like items” and any new categories to their proper homes.

One of our specialties is in helping you work out organizing “knots” – complex, frustrating organizing concepts that may have eluded you for years and have made your organizing systems unravel.

How long will it take?
Less time than you think!

1 to 3 four-hour sessions for each room of household “stuff”.

Just 1 four-hour session to get started with a basic system for paperwork and 2-4 sessions to wrap up most paperwork projects.

We always suggest you start with just 1 session to see if you are getting the maximum benefit before you commit to multiple sessions. You can always wrap up on your own, or have us back to finish any remaining tasks.

Will you organize my wife/husband/parents, etc.?
We are the perfect organizing service to help the people you care about.

We specialize in solving “hopeless cases” for people who have never been able to get organized before. People are open to our service because we have uniquely accommodating methods; we use very simple concepts that you are already familiar with. We don’t force people to throw things out, and all of our services are confidential and nonjudgmental.

If the person you’re considering is open to the idea, please pass our information to them, or call us regarding gift certificates.

Unfortunately…we cannot help a person who doesn’t want help, but please call us to discuss this; we have a few successful techniques to get things started.

How does it work?
First is our free phone consultation. We will spend up to an hour with you to hear your needs and explain our methods to your satisfaction. If you decide to schedule, we’ll ask you choose whether you would like a paperwork session or a “Things” session. If we’ll be organizing “Things “, we’ll ask you to pick the room you want to start with. (If you’d like help choosing, just let us know). Next, we’ll interview you just a bit to get to know more about the area we’ll be working on. On the day of our appointment our team of two (our principal or lead organizer and an assistant) will show up with supplies. We’d like a quick five minute “tour”, and then we’d like to jump right in and get started, round-the-room or round-the-desk, making maximum use of the time we have with you. We’ll work side by side with you during the session, and do any necessary lifting. In about 2 hours things will start to look like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and we’ll wrap up toward the end of our 4 hours. As part of our wrap-up, we’ll invoice you, collect payment, and haul away a carload of any donations you’ve authorized, sending you a receipt for your taxes from a local charity. Afterwards, we are available for two complimentary phone “check ups” as needed, or we can schedule additional hands-on sessions, if needed.
How do I pay?
You can pay by personal or business check, credit card or PayPal when we schedule your appointment.

To respect the preparation involved and the time we have reserved for your session, our cancellation fee is 50% within 48 hours, and 100% within 24 hours of a missed appointment.

Will you travel to my area?
We work in Orange County, Los Angeles County, western Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. If you are outside these areas, call us and we’ll work something out.
Do you actually do the work or just tell me how?
We actually do the work, side by side with you. You will end up with all or part of an organized room, or paper system, as well as new ideas and concepts.
What do I need to do to prepare?

Well…almost nothing!

The best way to get the most out of our time together is to not schedule any conflicting appointments on our workday, and to relax the night before. Give yourself credit for taking the first step toward getting organized! There is no need to do any pre-sorting or other organizing-type preparation, because that’s what we’re here for!

I'm too embarrassed to have you come over.
This is probably the most stressful part of the whole undertaking, and it’s a toughie, because on top of everything, you are probably calling us when things are at their most overwhelming.

It may help to know that all of our services are confidential – from your caller ID showing a private call from us, to our vehicles being unmarked. We are informal and nonjudgmental, and we do this day-in and day-out. We specialize in the most severe, far-gone situations, so your situation is likely not the worst we’ve seen! We are not here to shame or lecture you. We’d guess you’ve already done that yourself and are feeling bad enough.

Luckily, after the first 15 minutes or so of our session, embarrassment-related anxiety usually disappears in the spirit of breaking through the barriers and making progress. Also, it may help to consider that trading your one-time discomfort for a lifetime of an effective solution will allow you to have friends and family over without embarrassment in the future. Call us; we’ll talk it out! You are to be commended for taking a very brave step in reaching out for help to make change for the future rather than allowing yourself to be paralyzed.

I don't want to throw anything away.
No problem! There is a “back door” method for getting organized that provides such quick, effective, long-lasting, and painless results, that we actually prefer it over pressuring people to get rid of things. Luckily, almost everyone, even those who have struggled with organizing in the past, can learn how to do this “back door” method – we promise that you already have the skill! The method is: Simple but consistent categorizing; putting “like things with like”. Everyone recognizes that “this is a hammer; it goes with tools; this is a T-shirt, it goes with clothes; this is a candy bar, it goes with food.” It’s just about that easy! If you can also get rid of things, so much the better, but you don’t need to let lack of skills in that area stop you from having an organized home!
Will this really work?
We’ve found that people who used to be organized and have fallen “off track” usually just need a little jump-start to get past the overwhelm and kick in all the organizing and maintenance skills they used to have before “life got in the way”. For those that have life-long, chronic disorganization issues, it’s a little harder, but we can show you some simple, easy methods to make your organizing system do more of the work, instead of you. We can also refer you to clutter support groups or counselors and therapists if your issues go a little deeper. If you find that you just don’t want to or can’t keep up with maintenance after the initial back-log is handled, we suggest hiring an assistant, or having us come back for regular maintenance, just like a housekeeping or gardening service.

Please call if you have any other questions.


“This was the greatest thing I have ever done!”

—Laura B.

“I’m a bit of a ‘pack rat’ [but Jane] made me feel comfortable and she made it seem as though it was no problem. The transformation was incredible.”

—Marta P.

“Efficient is an understatement—they never stopped from when they got here on time with all the supplies on hand that were needed. They were very focused and respectful, and best of all, patient!”

—Lorrie S.

“…a wonderful lady, with a great personality.”

—Mark C.

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